Those who work in an office environment spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in the workplace, which means its no surprise that surroundings can begin to accumulate dirt. Whether it may be a build-up of paperwork or overflowing bins, your office aesthetics can dampen in as little as a few hours.

With this in mind, it is imperative to create a plan that ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace. This will not only maintain a positive reflection of your business, but also improve the overall health and wellbeing of employees. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to commercial office cleaning for more information!

8 Benefits Of Commercial Office Cleaning

If you work in an office environment, you agree when we say that for a majority of your week, there is simply not enough hours in the day. Juggling task deadlines, client meetings and appointments, along with finding time to tidy your work station can be somewhat tricky. While everyone should take responsibility for their own clutter, opting to hire professionals will most definitely work towards your advantage. Below we have devised a list of the top 8 benefits of commercial office cleaning.

1. Healthier Environment

Although dusting work surfaces and regularly hoovering flooring can contribute towards tidier surroundings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the environment is clean. Harder-to-reach areas such as air ducts are prime culprits for harbouring dust, germs and bacteria, causing dirty air to circulate the office. Without the assistance and expert equipment used by professional cleaners, it becomes challenging to reassure that ducts are free from pathogens. Pathogens are anything that can contribute towards a spread in disease.

Based on research by Live Science, it has been proven that germs can spread around an office in as little as a few hours. During the study, virus samples were placed on just one or two areas of the office, such as a tabletop or door handle. Throughout the remainder of the day, researchers took samples from up to 100 different surfaces around the building. None of these had been placed with the original virus sample. In just two to four hours, 60% of these surfaces had been contaminated with the virus.

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2. Improve Employee Morale

Hiring a professional cleaning company to keep your office in pristine condition is ideal for showing employees that you genuinely care for their health and wellbeing. It proves that you are willing to invest money and resources to ensure that they feel comfortable in their working environment. Employees that feel reassured that they are appreciated in their profession will instantly boost morale. A happy workforce is a foundation for any successful business.

3. Positive First Impression

Forging a positive first impression is imperative for building or maintaining a high reputation. It is often a significant dealbreaker between whether a customer or client chooses to invest their money into you. When considering first impressions, imagine your office from the viewpoint of visitors. Envision arriving at a business that is responsible for an office filled with clutter, stained carpets and overflowing bins – would you have confidence in their ability, skills and knowledge? If you cannot take the time to care for your premises, how can you possibly prove that you care for the success of clients or customers? A negative impression on your business has already been formed before you can even have the opportunity to prove your worth.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will guarantee that your office will always positively reflect your capabilities. Each room will appear smart, clean and professional, which is fantastic for creating a subtle impact on clients, customers and visitors.

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4. Save Time

You would be surprised how much time enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning company can save you. All cleaning-related tasks can be outsourced, which allows time for employees to focus on meeting deadlines.

With years of experience specialising in commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes, we provide customers with an ‘all in one’ solution to maintaining a tidy workplace. While mandatory services such as comprehensive office and window cleaning are available, there are also other handy services such as washroom replenishment and carpet cleaning. In opting for allowing professionals to take care of all jobs, a considerable amount of time can be saved.

To save time even further, while still on the topic of a tidy environment, you could consider investing in some additional storage to keep each work station organised. In giving employees plenty of folders, boxes and other stationery, they will save time filtering through piles of paperwork to find what they need. A vast range of office supplies can be found on

5. Long-Term Savings

While it is most important to clean the office to avoid the spread of germs, it also means that you can save your business a considerable amount of money in the long-run. Leaving the responsibility of cleaning to your employees is, unfortunately, not going to results in optimum cleanliness.

Over time, the lack of cleaning will start to cause furniture, carpets and other aspects of the office to deteriorate. Stains will accumulate, mould will begin to strive, and furniture will start to look shabby. With a professional company, on the other hand, they can ensure that all components of your office stay in perfect condition, allowing them to last longer and reduce the need for repairs. Although hiring commercial cleaners will add an extra expense to your monthly bills, they will repay themselves in the form of repair and replacement costs.

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6. Quality Cleaning

Expert cleaning equipment can be somewhat costly, which means that it is often unrealistic for offices to invest in their own. While every workplace will have items such as antibacterial spray and dusters, they are unlikely to have carpet steamers, jet washers or window cleaning equipment. When hiring a professional cleaning company, you can be reassured that you will receive the highest quality of cleaning achievable. They will have all the resources, equipment and knowledge to maximise results.

7. Increased Productivity

A clean and tidy workplace is known for promoting a considerable increase in productivity. When attempting to tackle tasks at a desk filled with clutter, employees will become increasingly distracted. Paperwork will be spread around your computer, which will make it tricky to find relevant documents and maintain concentration. A tidy workplace will limit time wasted, allow individuals to keep a clear mind and work to their best ability. Small Business Trends has a great infographic on how a clean office can benefit productivity.

More ways that productivity can be promoted in the workplace include the following:

  • Take regular breaks
  • Keep a schedule
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Work in 90-minute intervals
  • Listen to music
  • Stay hydrated
  • Leave your desk at lunch

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8. Less Sick Days

The virus-spreading research results mentioned in benefit one links well to the idea that a cleaner office means less sick days. Particularly in illness-prone times of the year, such as during winter, cold and flu symptoms can spread like wildfire. If you have experience working in an office, you will understand that once one employee becomes sick, it is only a matter of days before others begin to feel unwell. While it is almost inevitable that team members will have to take sick days, ensuring that your office is hygienic will lower the spread of germs.

For more ways on how to reduce germs in the office, take a look at our list of ideas below:

  • Fresh Air – Always encourage employees to get some fresh air at some point within their working hours. Venturing into the outdoors perhaps on your lunch break will not only clear your mind, but also help you to escape from the air-con which is often filled with germs.
  • Hand Sanitiser – Dotting hand sanitising products around the office will allow employees to avoid bugs spreading through touch. Viking has a wide range of sanitisers ideal for the workplace.
  • Work From Home – As a business owner or manager, aim to make it clear that taking sick days is okay. Many employees feel as if they will be frowned upon if they opt for staying at home to get better. Allowing sick days and keeping unwell team members out of the office is the best way to avoid germs from spreading.
  • Keep Windows Open – Particularly during the winter, it can be tempting to close all windows and turn the heating up to keep the office cosy. However, unfortunately, this is creating the ideal incubator for germs to harbour and spread around the office. Ensure that you always have fresh air filtering through your workplace to allow the bacteria to leave. You could consider investing in blankets for the office as an alternative way to keep employees warm during the colder months.
  • Clean Hotspots – There are several hotspots for harbouring germs in the office. Desks, door handles, printers, fridges and employee’s keyboard and mouse, are all prime culprits for sharing bacteria. We suggest keeping antibacterial wipes in the office so hotspots can be disinfected regularly.

Maintain An Immaculate Office!

Keeping your office in immaculate condition and promoting a positive first impression doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Through enlisting the help of professional commercial cleaners will not only allow your workplace to remain pristine, but also boost productivity and morale.

If you are interested in commercial maintenance in Milton Keynes, then do not hesitate to contact Facilities Company. With over 17 years of experience, our team have perfected processes that guarantee results!